Angliya Newspaper | Ten Beauty Favourites of 2020

[TRANSLATED] Last year, the world turned upside down: we began to spend more time at home, less socialized, redefined priorities and purchasing preferences. And although the beauty industry is still not losing ground, the focus has shifted slightly: we have begun to purchase more products for home care and give preference to natural restorative products. Today I will tell you about ten favorites with whom you can create a salon at home in lockdown.

10 Beauty Favourites 2020

All in one: the perfect serum - Crème Rescue Serum

This instant serum was originally developed to repair damaged skin after aesthetic treatments. Tracie Giles, the owner of the permanent makeup salon Tracie Giles, tested the product for two years in her London clinic before launching it on the market, which happened by the way in the pandemic - to restore the skin from the greenhouse effect of the mask.

The product contains five highly effective ingredients: hyaluronic acid, SWT-7, neurophroline, chamomile, blue yarrow. The serum has anti-aging and healing properties, and constant use of the product helps to minimize the negative effects of the environment and pollution, as well as repair irritated or damaged skin. The effect of the serum is truly amazing! It will be appreciated by owners of dry, sensitive, allergy-prone skin and those who are trying to fight age-related changes.