With 5 high performance, clinically proven active ingredients, Crème Rescue Serum has been developed with the specific goal to heal skin that is stressed. This is the serum you need to get the very best healing results from your aesthetic treatment and to repair and protect your skin from the daily challenges it faces.

Totally unique, this supercharged serum has powerful anti-ageing benefits along with its ability to fast-track healing, making it one of the most innovative skincare products currently available.


Stress and the subsequent release of the stress hormone cortisol is the biggest causal factor of accelerated ageing and one of the hardest skincare issues to treat as your skin does not have the ability to self-restore balance. Our Crème Rescue Serum with the revolutionary, stress busting active Neurophroline helps to restore the skin’s natural balance, combatting the signs of stress and protecting your skin from ageing.

Neurophroline is the first cosmetic active ingredient clinically proven to block the production of cortisol and target the visible effects of stress on the skin caused by environmental pollutants, reducing the appearance of premature ageing, and our serum is one of the only skincare products to contain it.

Award-winning, powerful active ingredient Neurophroline is clinically proven to deliver 72-hour hydration, protection from pollutants & stress, instant skin plumping, wrinkle-blur, powerful anti-ageing, rejuvenation and recovery for the skin. 



Inspired by innovative technology in skin tissue research to treat burn injuries, this ultra-high-tech regenerative technology is the future of natural skin care, supporting skin tone and texture by encouraging cell turnover and helping to maintain and boost the proliferation of keratinocytes.

As we age, the production of keratinocytes slows resulting in thinner, more fragile skin. SWT-7 is an active ingredient that regenerates a thin epidermis, improving the appearance of ageing skin and resulting in skin that is less likely to show fine lines and wrinkles and better able to manage free radicals, dark spots and other signs of ageing, revealing younger, more resilient skin.

Across 4 clinical trials, the use of SWT-7 significantly reduced the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles, especially vertical wrinkles and lip contour wrinkles, in just 7 days with a building effect over time.