Tracie Giles, Permanent Makeup Artist

"My life’s work has been to study the face and to create symmetry and beauty. My passion is to transform each individual into the most beautiful, powerful version of themselves."


The Story Behind the Skincare

Founded in 2001 in Knightsbridge, London and headed up by mother and daughter duo Tracie and Charlotte, Tracie Giles London was the UK’s first high street clinic dedicated to the art of Permanent Makeup and one of the world’s most renowned cosmetic tattooing brands frequented by celebrities, influencers and press editors weekly. In 2018, the duo founded My Face Project, combining specialist Permanent Makeup with advanced aesthetic treatments to provide totally bespoke transformative procedures to their clients.

Having performed over 40,000 treatments at the clinic, Tracie had unrivalled exposure to the post-treatment cycle of extreme skin trauma and rejuvenation. As a leading facial cosmetic tattooist, she recognised the skin as her canvas. A thinner, stressed canvas could not hold the beautiful designs created for the brows, eyes and lips, and nor could one that was inflamed or damaged. The key therefore to the very best treatment results she found was in both the integrity of the skin to begin with and the effectiveness of the healing process.

Having identified a requirement for a specialist aftercare product and with no effective alternative on the market, Tracie and Charlotte worked with a team of biochemists to blend the optimal amounts of specifically sourced and selected clinically-proven active ingredients for ultimate skin healing. They developed Crème Rescue - a supercharged high-performance skin serum to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process following Permanent Makeup and Medical Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments.

Originally designed for use immediately after a treatment, this serum needed to simultaneously be super sensitive but also strong and effective in healing even the most severely traumatised skin. It was trialled for two years in the Tracie Giles London clinic as post-treatment aftercare and was met with acclaim; it was well tolerated and loved by a varied clientele, soothing painful, inflamed skin, speeding up the healing process and enhancing the outcome. The clients also started to discover additional skincare uses for the Crème Rescue serum with amazing results – they reported dramatic anti-ageing benefits and found the serum to be the perfect solution for minor burns and dry, irritated skin conditions including acne, sun burn, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, as well as skin that had been irritated by acids such as Glycolic, Retinoids and other commonly used acids in many skin care products.

In 2020, 4000 tubes of Crème Rescue were donated to NHS workers in the UK to heal skin left dry and damaged by facemasks and repeated washing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was described by one frontline ICU doctor as “transformative’’.

Tracie and Charlotte deduced that it wasn’t just after treatments that this serum was needed; every single day our skin is bombarded with stressors from climate and pollution to chemicals and UVR. In 2020 Crème Rescue was relaunched as the ultimate anti-stress & anti-ageing serum with a promise to repair, reform and renew the skin.