Cosmetic aesthetic treatments such as laser, injectables, peels, heat therapies and Permanent Makeup cause shock and trauma to our skin before triggering a healing-response. During this period of ‘downtime’, how well our skin heals will determine how effective the results of our treatment will be and how long the visible marks will take to disappear.

Crème Rescue Serum has been developed to rescue skin that has been purposefully damaged, promote scar free healing and supercharge the results of your aesthetics treatment!

It’s not just during downtime, however, that our skin needs rescuing, stress is now known to be the number one cause of skin ageing. Often, we are not even aware that our skin is working 24/7, waging its own battle on environmental pollutants, UVR and a multitude of other potentially damaging and ageing aggressors that it’s continually bombarded with.

Skin needs kindness and nurturing throughout our lives – if we look after our skin by understanding & supporting it, it will look after us and radiate health. Crème Rescue Serum has been blended with the ultimate combination of actives to do just that and, when used as part of your ongoing skincare routine, works to protect your skin from ageing and aggressors every single day.

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