When you provide Tracie Giles/ID Liner® with information through the Tracie Giles, ID Liner or Crème Rescue websites (the "Site"), we respect your privacy. It is important for you to understand what information we collect about you during your visit and what we do with that information. Your visit to the Site is subject to this Privacy Policy which forms section 11 of our Terms and Conditions.

11.1 We will store your Order Form for a period of 7 years to correlate with invoices.

11.2 We will keep your personal data secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act and by taking appropriate measures against its unauthorised or unlawful use and accidental loss.

11.3 In order to adequately protect all personal data on your order form we will take necessary steps to protect your personal data to the best of our ability and ensure whenever possible that correct security protection is in place to prevent unauthorised access.

11.4 We will use the personal information you provided to us to deliver products ordered to you, process your payment for ordered products, send you future catalogues and promotional materials and to keep you updated about the company and offers we will host, via the distribution of our E-Newsletter and promotional mailers.

11.5 If you wish to be removed from our contact list (Opt-Out) please notify us by email to emily@traciegiles.co.uk 

11.6 We will not issue your personal details to any third parties, unless in the event that we sell the business, in which case current customer details will be included on the transfer of assets, or are required to do so by UK/European Law by a Court of Law.

11.7 We may share your personally identifiable information with companies and business entities which are owned or controlled by ID Liner® and Creme Rescue’s parent company Tracie Giles.

11.8 This site uses cookies to personalise your experience and we may also use your IP address as part of our analytics and market research.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Site’s privacy policy, please email emily@traciegiles.co.uk