7 Skincare Trends That You'll See Everywhere In 2023

The skincare industry is constantly evolving with new trends emerging every year. With so many products at (and on) our fingertips, the journey to perfect skin can be difficult to navigate. From repairing your skin barrier to sustainable skincare, and from new skincare technology to minimalist skincare routines, our Crème Rescue Beauty Gurus are sharing their predictions for the 7 skincare trends that you'll see everywhere in 2023.

1. Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

'Skin Barrier Health' was a buzzword in the beauty industry in 2022, and it is going to remain a focus this year. We will see more emphasis on nurturing this integral part of the skin this year, focusing even more on boosting the microbiome. There will be a shift towards products with active, skin-strengthening ingredients - just like our Crème Rescue Serum which is clinically proven to help repair skin barrier function!

2. Sustainable Skincare

With an increasing awareness of the harm caused by harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients - both to our skin and to the environment, people are seeking out natural and sustainable skincare products. This trend is set to continue in 2023 with a focus on ingredients such as herbal extracts, essential oils, and botanical extracts - like the skincare actives in our Crème Rescue Serum! With the sustainable skincare trend we also expect to see a shift towards eco-friendly packaging, vegan-friendly products and refillable products.

3. The Rise Of The Aesthetician

The reputation of cosmetic aesthetics has improved dramatically in recent years, waving goodbye to the dreaded 'trout pout' and 'frozen face', and saying hello to subtle enhancements and 'tweakments'. Able to achieve more drastic anti-ageing effects than any skincare product, many cosmetic aesthetics treatments are also preventative - working to actually protect the skin from ageing and damage. With so many skincare products on the market and so much conflicting advice, we are more than happy to leave our skin in the hands of the experts - like the team at Tracie Giles London.

4. Customised Skincare

Everyones skin is totally unique, and our skincare routines should be too! Brands are already offering subscriptions and tailored skincare products and routines, and with the help of advancing technology we expect this to skyrocket in 2023 with even more brands offering fully customised products that cater to an individual's skin type, skin concerns, and preferences.

5. Advanced Skincare Technology

From LED Light Therapy to Vibrating Sculpting Devices, there is more skincare specific technology on the market (and more consumer interest in these products!) than ever before. With all of us desperate to see fast results in our skincare routines we predict that a reliance on skincare technologies is going to increase in 2023, especially on those with the added convenience of being able to be used at home.

6. Minimalist Skincare Routines

We have less time (and thanks to the economic crisis less disposable income) than ever before, so people are on the lookout for hybrid formulas that combine powerful ingredients to serve several different purposes with just one product. A multi-functional product like Crème Rescue Serum costs less and is ultimately more effective than layering several different products - which can lead to skin irritation. Skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be effective - using the right products for your skin (even if it's just one product!) will create skincare magic.

7. De-Stress On The Inside & Outside

We've had a stressful few years, and it shows on our skin. Stress and the subsequent release of the stress hormone cortisol is the biggest causal factor of accelerated ageing and one of the hardest skincare issues to treat as your skin does not have the ability to self-restore balance. We expect to see a bigger focus on the link between stress and skincare in 2023. Step one is looking after your mental health to reduce stress from the inside, and step two is finding a product that helps to tackle the visible signs of stress on your skin. With the revolutionary, stress-busting active Neurophroline™, Crème Rescue Serum is one of the most innovative skincare products currently available, helping to restore the skin’s natural hormone balance by actually blocking the production of cortisol in the skin, improving skin barrier function and combatting the signs of stress on your skin.

So, whether you're looking to de-clutter your skincare shelf or de-stress your skin, these skincare trends are definitely worth keeping an eye on in 2023.