Protecting your skin this winter

As we embrace the cozy charm of winter, it's not just our wardrobes that need a seasonal switch-up—our skincare routines deserve some attention too. Navigating the colder months requires a thoughtful approach to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Ever wondered about the art of layering your skincare for winter? Fear not! We've curated a guide to help you navigate the frosty days ahead, ensuring your skin remains radiant even when faced with the challenges of chilly weather. From gentle cleansers to powerhouse serums and the ultimate in moisturising protection, here's your go-to roadmap for winter skincare layering.

Cleanse & Tone


As temperatures drop, so does humidity, leaving our skin susceptible to moisture loss in the dry air. To combat this, consider switching out your usual light cleanser for a more hydrating option. This can provide an instant hydration boost to thirsty skin while reinforcing your skin's natural defence against the upcoming cold weather.

If you're a fan of toners, here's a tip: consider discontinuing the use of toners containing harsh exfoliants and alcohol as the colder months approach. Toners are not mandatory; however, if you choose to use one, transitioning to an alcohol-free formula with hydrating and soothing properties is the way to go.

Stay Hydrated

Cremè Rescue Serum

Serums should be a part of your skincare routine all year round, and they are essential for keeping your skin moisturised in the colder weather. They typically contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and have a thinner consistency, allowing them to effectively target specific skin concerns and be more easily absorbed into the skin.

Dry, sensitive, red, and irritated skin becomes more common in the colder months as our skin battles to stay hydrated in both outdoor and indoor (thank you central heating) elements. It's a challenge, but fear not! Our Crème Rescue Serum, containing max-strength Hyaluronic Acid, steps up to the plate. This powerhouse delivers 72-hour hydration and combats environmental aggressors, ensuring your skin stays healthy, hydrated and glowing even in the face of winter's toughest conditions.

Moisturisers are essential during this time of year. With a slightly thicker, creamier consistency than many other serums, Crème Rescue provides all the benefits of both a serum and a moisturiser, giving your skin the hydration it needs during the colder winter months. As the ultimate anti-stress serum, it also contains innovative skin active Neurophroline, designed to combat environmental aggressors and calm, soothe, and repair the skin after exposure to the cold.

UV Protection

Cremè Rescue Serum

Even on the chilliest, cloudiest days, it's crucial not to underestimate the sun's potential to harm your skin. The sun's UV rays maintain their strength throughout the year. To safeguard your skin from potential damage, make sure you apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 every single day!

It's important to begin your skincare routine by applying the lightest and quickest-absorbing product onto your face first, then layering progressively heavier products. This layering strategy ensures that the thickest formula eventually rests on top, with sunscreen or a tinted SPF being the final step. As a guideline, follow the above order when applying your skincare products and remember that sunscreen should always be the final step!

From the basics of cleansing to the layers of hydration, each step contributes to the resilience of your skin. But with Crème Rescue by your side, it's more than a routine; it's having a reliable companion in the battle against the winter chill. Packed with heavy-duty Hyaluronic Acid, it doesn't just hydrate – it stands as a trustworthy ally, soothing your skin after facing the elements. Here's to a season of glowing and healthy skin, with Crème Rescue leading the way!