Aesthetics Aftercare: Why Crème Rescue is the best serum for post-treatment recovery

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty through aesthetic treatments like tattooing, permanent makeup, chemical peels, laser procedures, and cosmetic injections (such as anti-wrinkle treatments, microneedling and fillers), one crucial element of the treatment process often overlooked is aftercare.

Enter Crème Rescue Serum, a game-changing product developed by the esteemed expert in Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics, Tracie Giles. This serum is meticulously crafted to expedite the post-treatment healing process, ensuring that you not only recover quickly but also maintain and enhance the results of your aesthetic procedures.

So..why Crème Rescue for use after aesthetics treatments?

1. Powerful Actives for Post-Treatment Recovery:

Best thing to use after Aesthetics treatments

Crème Rescue Serum introduces the groundbreaking ingredient Neurophroline™ into the world of cosmetic aesthetics. This skincare marvel is clinically proven to block the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the skin, effectively minimising the skin's shock response after treatment and alleviating discomfort and pain. Crème Rescue Serum is one of the very few aftercare products globally to harness the power of Neurophroline™.

2. Comfortable Healing: 

Say goodbye to the discomfort often associated with post-treatment healing. Crème Rescue Serum stimulates the production of beta-endorphin, a natural pain-relief peptide, by up to 163%. This minimises any pain and ensures that your recovery after aesthetic procedures will be as comfortable as possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying the results of your treatment!   

3. Calming & Soothing Properties:

Not only does Crème Rescue act as a pain reliever, it also activates the release of natural calming neuropeptides, reduces your skins redness by x2.4 and improves colour by 99% after 28 days of use. Thanks to the award-winning skincare active SWT-7, originally designed to treat burn injuries, Crème Rescue is also incredibly soothing after any exposure to extreme cold or heat therapies.

4. Long-Lasting Aesthetic Results:

Tracie Giles London Lip Filler

Aestheticians know that inflamed, damaged, or stressed skin takes longer to heal and doesn't hold the intended results of cosmetic aesthetic treatments as effectively. Crème Rescue Serum speeds up and enhances the healing process, guaranteeing that you achieve superior results after your beauty treatments and maintain them for an extended period.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Skincare Routine

Crème Rescue Serum is not just for use after aesthetic treatments. It's a versatile addition to your daily skincare routine, offering protection and rejuvenation. Our skin faces constant challenges from environmental stressors such as UV radiation, chemicals, pollution, and climate changes. These factors contribute to skin damage and premature ageing.

When you incorporate Crème Rescue Serum into your everyday skincare routine, it actively repairs the skin's barrier function, shields against environmental aggressors, and combats the effects of ageing.

In the world of aesthetics aftercare, Crème Rescue stands out as your ultimate go-to product for fast and effective healing. Boasting powerful actives, providing soothing comfort during the healing process, and ensuring lasting results, it's the top choice for maintaining radiant, confident skin.

Whether you're enhancing your look with beauty treatments or simply aiming to keep your skin at its best daily, Crème Rescue Serum is an absolute must-have.