Combating Dry Skin This Spring

As winter fades and spring emerges, our skin continues to feel the effects of the dry season. Despite the rising temperatures, the lack of humidity lingers, leaving our skin thirsty for moisture and nourishment. So, how can we effectively combat dry skin?

Refresh & Exfoliate 
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Even with regular application of serums and creams, dry skin can still linger without some gentle exfoliation. Incorporating a mild scrub containing ingredients such as glycolic or lactic acid can help remove dead skin cells. Try swapping your usual cleanser for a milder option two to three times a week. If you have sensitive or extremely dry skin, using a damp washcloth instead of an exfoliator can offer a gentler approach. Once your skin feels revitalised, serums and moisturisers can fully absorb and provide nourishing benefits.

Moisturise Immediately After Showering
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The timing of your moisturising routine is crucial. After showering, gently pat your skin dry with a towel, and promptly follow up with moisturiser. Most moisturisers work by sealing moisture into your skin. Applying moisturiser to excessively dry skin may not be as effective because there's little moisture to trap. Opting for moisturising on damp skin proves to be more beneficial, particularly if your skin tends to be dry from the outset.

Hydrate from the inside out
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Hydration is vital for both your body's well-being and the health of your skin. Your skin's moisture barrier functions better when it's well-hydrated, ensuring it retains moisture effectively and stays supple. Aim to drink 1.2-1.5 litres of water daily to keep your skin hydrated from within. To add some flavour, consider infusing your water with lemon or ginger slices. By prioritising hydration, you support your skin's health and appearance, leading to improved texture, elasticity, and overall complexion. So, make hydration a daily habit and watch your skin glow with vitality.

Hydrate from the outside too!
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To ensure your skin is hydrated, it is essential to use products that contain hydrating ingredients. Thats why Crème Rescue Serum is an essential product to help you combat dry skin. Crème Rescue Serum, contains max-strength Hyaluronic Acid along with award-winning, powerful active ingredient Neurophroline which is clinically proven to deliver 72-hour hydration, protection from pollutants & stress!

Face Masks
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Using face masks is an excellent method to nourish and hydrate your skin. Whether worn overnight or for a quick revitalisation before your day begins, face masks offer effective hydration and rejuvenation.

Wearing a face mask overnight can be particularly beneficial as your skin undergoes its natural repair processes during sleep. This extended duration allows the mask's hydrating ingredients to deeply penetrate your skin, replenishing moisture and promoting cellular regeneration.

To maximise the benefits of overnight face masks, it's essential to ensure you get adequate sleep, ideally 7-9 hours per night. This allows your skin ample time to absorb the nourishing properties of the mask and restore its hydration levels.

By incorporating overnight face masks into your skincare routine and prioritising sufficient sleep, you provide your skin with the optimal conditions for hydration and rejuvenation. As a result, you'll wake up to a complexion that feels refreshed, revitalised, and deeply moisturised!