3 Signs Your Skincare Routine Needs a Reboot

You might have a beauty regime that you've followed for years or a go-to moisturiser or cleanser. If it works for you, why change it?

It's important to remember that your skin changes over time and your skincare routines should evolve with it. The products you once adored might not deliver the same results as before, and it doesn't make sense to invest heavily in skincare that no longer meets your current needs.

So it might be beneficial to try something new!

To determine if it's time to refresh your skincare routine, consider when you purchased your current products, the skin concerns you were addressing then (and whether your skin concerns are the same now!), and your current life stage.

3 Signs It's Time for a Skincare Refresh...

1. Unexpected Breakouts

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Everyone experiences breakouts differently and at different stages of life. It could be due to naturally oily skin, ongoing T-zone breakouts since your teenage years, or even "skin purging" from using potent products or undergoing a peel that accelerates cell turnover.

While these situations are common causes of breakouts, if you're suddenly dealing with unexplained pimples and blackheads and don't typically experience breakouts, your skincare products might be the culprit.

These breakouts could indicate a reaction to the ingredients in your skincare products, or the need for a product with different actives. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to reconsider those products and find alternatives that better suit your skin.

Crème Rescue Serum contains powerful skincare active Blue Yarrow which controls sebum production - preventing breakouts and balancing your complexion.

2. Dry Skin

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Are you noticing occasional dry patches or flaking on your skin? This might indicate that the products you're using aren't the most suitable for your skin's needs.

Many clarifying products, aimed at addressing issues like blackheads, oiliness, and wrinkles, often contain harsh ingredients such as retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, salicylic acid, fragrance, or preservatives.

We're cautious about recommending these products anyway, but if you're experiencing dryness or flaking, it might be time to reconsider using them.

Instead, opt for ingredients that help balance and restore your skin's natural barrier, such as Hyaluronic Acid. Our Crème Rescue Serum contains max-strength Hyaluronic Acid along with award-winning, powerful active ingredient Neurophroline which is clinically proven to deliver 72-hour hydration, protection from pollutants & stress!

3. Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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Your usual skincare routine might have served you well in your twenties, but as you begin to notice fine lines as you get older, it's beneficial to shift towards products that target ageing concerns.

Crème Rescue Serum contains the active ingredient SWT-7. This skincare active regenerates a thin epidermis, improving the appearance of ageing skin. This result is skin that is less likely to show fine lines and wrinkles and better able to manage free radicals, dark spots and other signs of ageing, revealing younger, more resilient skin.

Finding the right skincare routine often requires some trial and adjustment. Changes in your lifestyle, health, or environmental factors can also influence what your skin needs on a daily basis. If you notice any of the above warning signs, it might be time to review and tweak your daily skincare regimen!